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UPCYCLE is the restoration process of an old or use-less object that transforms it in a new piece with a similar or higher value, with its original function or a new one.

Every day, more and more customers, artists and companies are making this peculiar form of recycling. They can express their most artistic side using an existing material which will result in a work of unique features.


In the course of our lives, we keep jewels which have marked special moments: baptisms, communions, weddings, inheritances from a loved one, gifts. Those jewels could have been put aside and now we may want to restore them.


If this is your case, the transformation of old jewels into new ones is the perfect option for you.

The advantages of this process of renovating old pieces are:


You can keep the metals and gems of the original piece.


You will have a new unique jewel.


You will keep the essence and the sentimental value of the old piece.


You can save more money than buying a new jewel.


In Joyería Adame, we can do it.



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